How to get affiliated as Assessment Body with MEPSC
AB Affiliation Process
Post clearing the Technical round AB has to submit the documents along with the application form given below.
AB Application Form
List of MEPSC's Certified Assesors
MEPSC Certified Asssesors

Please Note: Poaching of the assessor is not allowed as per MEPSC’s Strict Policy and Guidelines (One assessor-One SSC-One AB).

MEPSC's Assessment Guidelines for COVID-19
COVID-19 Guidelines for Assessment
MEPSC’s Digital Assessment Readiness
Technology Based Assessment
Please carefully read the MEPSC Guidelines for assessment adherence
MEPSC Guidelines

In case of proctors or assessors ask for a bribe during the assessment – Please immediately highlight the same to MEPSC. Strict action against the person at fault would be initiated in case allegations are found to be correct.

In case you want to escalate any issue, please click here