• To create a world-class workforce competent both technically and professionally for the Domestic and international market.
  • To create successful and sustainable entrepreneurs thereby converting job seekers into job givers.
  • To achieve international quality standards in skilling, assessment, and certification.
  • To enhance employability in the Indian workforce and gainful engagement for dropouts.
  • To enhance the productivity of the Indian workforce for contribution to National GDP.


MEPSC proposes to achieve composite skilling of the Indian workforce for sustainable productivity across sectors through:-

  • Development of NOS/QP in collaboration with various stakeholders, particularly employers.
  • Develop systems & processes for achieving a world-class quality skilling outcome.
  • Promote public and customer engagement for user funded delivery.
  • Work towards employer acceptability of MEPSC Certifications for induction and growth of labor.
  • Act as a catalyst, facilitator, aggregator with various partners for the achievement of National Skills Mission Objectives.
  • To work out a step by step approach to achieving the vision.