MEPSC features in the National Daily- Financial Express

Security Sector adds to a significant portion of our economy and we are glad to be a part of this manpower-intensive sector. Saying so, team MEPSC is delighted to share that the initiatives taken by the SSC to promote and provide employment opportunities to the Security Guards in India has been featured in the National daily- Financial Express.

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Awareness Video on COVID-19 | May 2020

Being responsible citizens of India, Team MEPSC felt that it’s their bounded duty to create awareness among our citizens and hence MEPSC curated an informatory video on COVID-19 in association with Unifiers Social Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

This small video gives a vast amount of information on the symptoms and preventive measures of COVID-19. You can watch the video on our YouTube Channel and subscribe to it for the latest updates of the SSC's activities.

MEPSC organises e-ToMT Programs | May – June 2020

To spread its wings in the digital arena, MEPSC has conducted three online Training of Master Trainers (ToMT) program with candidates of Unifiers Social Ventures Pvt. Ltd., Larsen & Toubro (L&T), other SSCs to name a few in May - June 2020. These programs gave all the Trainers an opportunity to learn virtually and adopt various methodologies on how to make the online session more engaging for the candidates. We were thrilled to see the participation of candidates from PAN India.

NAPS Webinar for Security and Management Industries | May 2020

In order to create awareness and benefit of the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) in the Security and Management Sector, MEPSC conducted two Webinars in May 2020.

These sessions were very fruitful wherein participants were equally involved in asking questions and sharing their thoughts on the role and advantage of this scheme in their respective sectors.

e-ToT organised for Unarmed Security Guard Job Role | April-May 2020

MEPSC successfully conducted two ToT programs for the Unarmed Security Guard job role in online Mode for the candidates of D1 Fortification and Securitas.

The trainings were conducted by the Master Trainer from the training centre itself using the real-time equipments and presentations with the candidates from the Army Background. The assessment was conducted via auto proctoring and live video calls.

Online Orientation Program- L&T | April 2020

MEPSC and NSDC felt the need to orient the previously certified Master Trainers on ‘how to deliver the session online. To fulfill the same, MEPSC conducted a 2-day Orientation program for the Master Trainers of Larsen & Toubro (L&T). In this, trainers were apprised about the online platforms and how to make those effective and engaging at the same time for the candidates.

Commencement of MEPSC-AAMC Dual Certification Program | April 2020

These unprecedented times and challenges gave us the opportunity to learn virtually and optimally utilize the digital world. Being said so, Team MEPSC collaborated with AAMC Training India Pvt. Ltd. to formulate a unique Dual Certification Program called Aacharya comprising of the Indian Master Trainer Program aligned to National Qualification Standards (MEP/Q2602) and the Australian Qualification Trainer (TVETC001). The first batch started on the Google Meet platform with 11 candidates in April 2020.